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For the THRILL of the hunt...

Ilana Chlebowski

Posted on February 20 2019

For the THRILL of the hunt...

At the end of my text to my husband yesterday, my concluding line was “I love clothes!”

I pondered on this somewhat shallow and deeply true sentiment. I do; I love clothes. I’ve known this for a while but after a hiatus of little-to-no-funds after becoming a single-income family, followed by two years of being part of LuLaRoe, where we were shunned from looking anything other than “head-to-toe-lularoe” it sure was nice to be able to look around.

I realized the reason I love clothes is definitely not the shopping part, nor the spending money part but, if I may be honest, it is the culling. The thrill of the hunt, the finding, the stirring the pot of my closet and adding things to the mix and excite, and re-excite what is already there. Clothing is the creative medium or the creative act of dressing.

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