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3 FREE things you can do to feel FANCY

Ilana Chlebowski

Posted on February 20 2019

3 FREE things you can do to feel FANCY

Three things you can do today to feel FANCY without spending a cent.

I don’t know…I’m probably like you: I didn’t grow up with money or fancy things, but what I did grow up with was a sense of life can be more than is dished out to you. Part of that is enjoying the everyday, small things. Here are a few things I find help me feel elevated and they cost nothing.


  1. Cleaning out my sink. I clean it, I throw all the nasty little bits of food out and I dry it. I feel fancy!
  2. Taking a walk. Fresh air does absolute wonders for your mind and body. Whether sick, cold, lonely, happy, distracted: take a walk. Stand outside. Fresh air + 20 minutes= amazing!
  3. Blowing my nose. I think this seems so, so dumb to write about. But, really! If you can’t breathe well, it’s kinda bad. Go clean your noggin’!

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